All photography provided by Chris Gampat

When I was 12, I wanted a sword...

As many nerdy young lads do. I took a book on blacksmithing out of the library, and read it religiously. I took it out of the library so many times, in fact, they gave it to me. I wound up finding a small anvil in the burned down barn across the street from my house, and built a forge out of an old barbecue and a hairdryer, and I asked for a bag of coal for Christmas. I don't know if getting it meant I was a good or a bad boy that year.

Early 2017, I wound up starting an apprenticeship with Theo Nazz, and I currently work as an assistant and instructor at his teaching forge in Brooklyn, NY. It has been eye opening, and I have been lucky enough to take my work from a hobby and passion into a full time job.

Chris Gampat Justin_s Knives 34.jpg
-The Knifiest knife that ever knifed.
— Theo Nazz