My Work for Sale

So you want to buy something pretty. I can help there. 

Buying a Stock Pattern knife

On the webstore page, Linked here, you can buy one of my stock pattern knives. I keep about a dozen designs available at most times, and allow customization via drop down menu. These stock pieces normally have a 6 to 8 week wait time, though if it is different, I will let you know when the order is placed. There are options to consider when you've found the a design that speaks to you- What steel do you want, what handle material do you want, and whether or not you'd like a sheath for it.

Below are all the current options for choosing your stock pattern knife-

Monosteel blade with basic handle materials (Walnut)

Monosteel blade with basic handle materials (Walnut)

Steel Choice


Monosteel knives are made from 80crv2, an incredibly tough steel, and brought to a fine "machine" finish. This is a good choice for knives you are going to beat the crap out of.

Lightning Damascus

Layered 1095 steel, with bright line of nickel running through it. Beautiful, and still pretty tough. Personal favorite.


Damascus steel, made in house. Ladder pattern or twist, alternating layers of 1095 and 15n20, and then deeply etched, so you can feel the different layers. If you are really looking for a piece of art, this is it.

Handle Material

Lightning Damascus Dragon with hybrid burl handle.

Lightning Damascus Dragon with hybrid burl handle.

Figured Wood

I am proud to offer in house stabilized, figured, and dyed wood for the handles of all of my knives. Unless otherwise stated, everything is done in house. If you have anything you are looking for in particular, please drop us a line.


Made in house-Dyed, stabilized burl mixed with colored resin to give a uniquely patterned handle. I always have a collection of blocks waiting for their knives Ask for the current selection, check my Instagram feed, or ask for a custom combination. Order the Hybrid. trust me. it is worth it.


A lightning Damascus Neck Knife, Wenge handle, and its sheath.

A lightning Damascus Neck Knife, Wenge handle, and its sheath.

Sheaths now come standard!

Buying Custom work

So you want something unique. I get that. I love a challenge, and there are a few things I really want to make. Connect with me with custom ideas through the Contact page, HERE. (I reserve the right to refuse any project for any reason.)

some pieces I want to make

If any of these speak to you, we can definitely work something out price wise. These will get updated as I go.



The Full Viking (A matching spear, axe, and seax, preferably pattern welded)

Crate o' Swords (from six to a dozen matching European swords with scabbards and suspensions, delivered in a wooden crate. Do you have a wedding party to arm? I'm your man.)

Lightning Damascus Kriegsmesser (A big, two handed, single edged German sword, made out of Lightning Damascus [see above].)